Special Workshops for Patients

At Ward Chiropractic we believe that knowledge is essential in order to make informed decisions about our health. This is why we offer patient workshops on a variety of issues. Each workshop takes place in the office and is also available for off site events. Call Shawnee to schedule the classes that interest you!

Aging But Not Getting Old.
Why are some people old at 40 and others still young at 90? This class examines the process of aging and teaches methods that have been proven to maintain health and vitality as we get older.

Preventing Disc Injuries.
More work days are lost to disc injuries than to any other. How to treat and prevent these serious conditions is the focus of this class.

The Mind Body Connection.
Discover how our minds and bodies are intimately connected and the role that this connection plays in the restoration and maintenance of health.

Healthy From Womb To Tomb – The five facets of Health.
Want to improve your level of health? Discover the five components necessary to bring your increase your energy, vitality and healing potential.

How Should I Do What I Do?
This workshop is designed to increase awareness of everyday activities and injury prevention. Practical tips are given to help us avoid some of the most common injuries.

Natural Pain Management – Did God forget my Tylenol Organ?
This workshop focuses on the causes and reasons for pain and offers realistic methods for dealing with pain without the use of drugs.

Balance and Peak Performance.
This class looks at the relationship between body balance and performance and provides tools for improving both.

Preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is fast becoming the most common work related injury. This class looks at causes,treatments and prevention of this painful condition.

Exercise and Peak Performance.
We all know that exercise is important in creating a healthy lifestyle. Guest presenter Anne Renton will teach us how to develop a simple but effective regimen to increase strength, flexibility and performance.

Using Stress to Enhance Performance.
This class teaches the art of optimizing our stress levels by identifying the signs of too much or too little stress. Practical techniques will be demonstrated to assist in stress management.

Nutrition And Stress.
What should I eat? Should I take vitamins? How do I know if I have good nutrition? These and other issues will be addressed in this workshop.

Meditation to Manage Stress.
What is that meditation thing all about? Demystify the practice of meditation and examine it’s use in the management of stress. This class concludes in a short directed meditation. Comfortable dress is recommended.