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We value our patients' experience at 44th Street Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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John Ward
Your New York Chiropractor


I knew I had to try something else when I could no longer lift my right leg to get into my pants. I had to lift my leg with my arm in order to do that. I was having lower back problems and was trying acupuncture. It seemed to work for a while but then the pain got worse. Besides not being able to lift my leg, sitting in the subway was very painful. I had to push off the seat in order to get up. Walking up stairs was also painful because I had to lift my right leg. Getting up from the couch was painful after sitting for a while. I could not lie down on the couch to watch TV. I couldn't even bend down to tie my shoelace

I thought I would try a chiropractor. Years ago I had gone to a chiropractor with good results.

At work we have a bulletin board so I posted a note asking if anyone knew of a chiropractor. Someone answered immediately and sugglested 44th Street Chiropractic. She had gone there with excellent results and it was close by. During my first visit I found out I had sciatica pain. My visits started with three times a week and eventually twice a week, then once a week and now every two weeks.

I can now do the everyday things one takes for granted. I have no hesitations in recommending 44th Street Chiropractic to anyone.

Julia B.

I originally came to 44th Street Chiropractic off of a Groupon because I had injured my back at work and didn't have medical coverage. I had such a great experience that I had no doubt in my mind that I should and would continue with Dr. ward.

He explained to me what was going on and what I needed to do. I really appreciated his concern for my well being and straight forward diagnosis. He was clear with what I needed and if price was an issue, they would find a payment plan that works for me so I could continue with treatment. With his help I am happily on the road to recovery. The entire staff is very friendly and helpful. I would (and have) referred Dr. Ward to others in need of chiropractic help. :)

Courtney A.

I walked into Dr. Ward's office to ge relief for my "Stiff" neck. Not only did i find relied, but discovered a whole new world of improvements for optimum usage of my body & the spine.

The Treatment & guidance were so thorought that all the "kinks" & "stiffs" along my spine (I never noticed before) materialized and are being handled.

I feel like my batteries got a jumpstart and my body is lovin' it! I hight recommend 44 St. Chiropractic as the place for chiropractic care. The crew is great (Shawnee in reception is wonderful).

Morshia E.

I am a relatively active person. I run, do weights, yoga and eat well. With New Years resolutions lingering in the air, I decided to step up my running and exercise and was pushing myself a little harder then usual, but I felt really good about it - well that was until I tried putting on my skirt to get ready for work a few weeks ago. Just a day earlier, I ran three miles, did a yoga class, and the next morning as I bent down to get dressed, something so painful happened in my back that the pain literally took my breath away. In an instant, I had such strong spasms running down my back that I felt faint, and could not breathe. I could not even make it to my bed but instead, just laid flat on my back on the floor. After two days of excruciating pain and inability to move around flinching and assistance, a friend suggested Dr. Diccianni. Since the Chiropractic office was just around the corner from my office, in desperation, and in agony, I decided to give it a try and limped slowly and crookedly to see Dr. Diccianni.

I immediately liked Dr. Diccianni's approach and was impressed with his knowledge and the general questions he asked. He was obviously well aware of many issues, including other pain management issues I have been experiencing for over a decade. He was not aggressive in his treatment, but instead approached therapy in a careful, slow manner. Only after two treatments, I saw results. Unbelievably, after the third treatment, I felt 90% better and felt like my old self. So within one week, my chiropractic treatments with Dr. Diccianni showed significant results. Today, only three weeks after my injury, I feel stronger and am relatively pain free and I am back to my regular exercise routine.

I am grateful for the wonderful and understanding staff (squeezing me in for a visit on a whim) and their professional approach. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Diccianni to anyone considering chiropractic treatment.

Regina P.

As I child, I wasn't afraid of the occasional bump or scrape, and I got plenty of them. I have also experienced daily headaches as far back into my childhood as I can remember, most of them intense migraines. Now that I am an adult, I have a habit of dismissing irregular aches and pains as minimal. Nothing to worry about as long as I'm not bleeding, right? When the back pain started, I figured it was just some soreness. I learned to live with the sporadic discomfort.

My office manager got a call from 44th Street Chiropractic offering a free consultation. I debated it, especially since I have no insurance. But it was just a free consult, so I decided to go. I was examined and x-rayed. Dr. Diccianni told me that my headaches might even be caused by some spinal trauma. I came back a week later to find out the problem I had been dismissing was actually pretty serious. Dr. Diccianni and Dr. Ward explained very simply where my pain was coming from; they showed me the x-rays and pointed out the trouble spots. Dr. Ward laid out a treatment schedule and Shawnee explained payments options. I was concerned that I would not be able to afford a year of chiropractic treatments, but it turns out that I can!

After the first treatment, I noticed that I could stand up a bit straighter. After a month, the back pain just stopped. On top of that, I have had exactly four migraines since I began my treatment; I went from four or five headaches a week to four in the span of three months. I can't begin to describe what that is like for me. My posture is improved, my back pain is gone, and now I'm working on keeping it that way.


I feel so good now! It feels wonderful to be able to say that. Here's my story. I was having pain, tingling and numbness in my legs and f-didn't know why. At first I thought it was a new medication I was taking but even after the doctor switched it I was still experiencing the same symptoms in my legs. It took me months to realize that it might be a back problem even though my back wasn't hurting, It was my legs. So I started asking around for a chiropractor and a co-worker suggested I visit her chiropractor, 44th Street Chiropractic. Well it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I filled out a form and had an examination that revealed my back was not aligned correctly.

Dr. John K. Ward and Dr. Stephen Diccianni (a/k/a Dr. D) got busy right away and gave me a schedule of 3 weekly visits which were later reduced to twice a week as I began to feel better. It is hard to describe how great I feel now compared to when I walked into their offices 6 months ago. Before, walking a block was a real chore and I never knew which leg problems would bother me most just walking that one block so I walked less. At first I found it difficult to walk the 6 blocks each way to the chiropractor but I made myself do it and in about two months time it was no longer a hassle.

Now I walk as much as I want and I'm pain free 90% of the time, which is phenomenal. 100% is coming as I continue my sessions. I'm telling you, 44th Street Chiropractic has improved my quality of life immeasurably. The staff is extremely courteous and willing to work to get you in and out if you have time constraints. The doctors' professionalism is extremely reassuring, one even has a sense of humor. I would recommend 44th Street Chiropractic to anyone with back or leg problems for the benefit that they would receive from such dedicated and specialized service.

Karen F.

Wonderful! That's how I have to describe how I've been feeling since starting my chiropractic sessions with Dr. Ward. That's also a good description of Shawnee and Dr. Ward themselves. They are both friendly and professional and made me feel at home right away.

At first I was a little skeptical but 2 people in my office were going to Dr. Ward and they encouraged me to give it a try. They knew I had been suffering with migraines for the past 4 years. I have had to be taken to the emergency room because of migraine headaches. The last time was in an ambulance. I've had to leave work early and sometimes can't even make it in to work due to the pain and nausea. I've been seeing Dr. Ward for the past 3 months and have had only 1 migraine headache. I think I got that headache because I skipped my sessions for 2 weeks. Ouch! This is a major change for me.

I usually have at least I migraine episode a month, occasionally even 2. 1 have had MRI's done but nothing was found to be wrong. I have taken Imitrex to alleviate the pain but I wanted to get to the cause of the problem. I even changed eyeglasses and the way I sit at the computer. An added benefit to my chiro sessions is that I don't have neck and back pains as much as 1 used to. I am now encouraging my friends and co-workers to see a chiropractor for their problems.

Pat I.

My name is Yamira Morales. And I have been a patient of llr. Ward's for about a year now. He was recommended to me by a friend who has been with him about 4 years. When I first entered his office I could barely walk because of the severe lower back pain and neck pain. Being under Dr. Ward's care has helped so much.

I am now able to do the stuff I was unable to do about a year ago dance, lift and walk without any pain. I would and have recommended many people to come visit if they are in any type of pain. He will get you back to normal, it will take time but you will feel great again under his care. Dr. Ward is a "Miracle Worker".

Yamira M.

In 2000, after years of trying to control my weight with dance and other aerobic activity I discovered that I had osteoearthritis in my left hip. This coupled with my chosen exercise activities had deteriorated my hip joint to the point of requiring surgery. I have decided to delay this surgery for personal reasons. Gradually the pain in my hip has worsened. I was referred to Dr. Ward by a close friend and colleague for alleviation of joint pain. Prior to my first visit I needed a cane to walk and was only without pain in die early morning. Dr. Ward's adjustments have provided significant pain relief arid joint mobility.

I have been able to continue a carefully tailored exercise regime. Recently, I took a trip to , Cuiaba, Brazil and was able to hike to waterfalls and in mountains of the Pantanal. Dr. Ward agrees that I need surgery. but I now have the option to delay the procedure until my life is situated differently and lam ready.

Dr. Ward, Shawnee and the other Doctors I have worked with at this practice have provided spiritual comfont in addition to the overall sense of well being that comes with chiropractic adjustments. I am very satisfied with the practice of Dr. Ward and highly recommend these services for individual seeking pain reduction as well as overall good health. Good luck and God bless!

Seymour B.

On behalf of Covenant House New York and the young people we serve. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your contributions of toys and clothing to our agency. Here at Covenant House we try to make their time here as special as possible, and its individuals like you that make what we do so special. Covenant House New York is the nation's largest private childcare agency.

Every year, we provide food, clothing, shelter and support services to over 8,000 youth who come to our Crisis Center and Rights of Passage Program. Our Crisis Center is the only place in New York where a, at risk you h or homeless youth can walk in and find immediate care. In addition, over 800 teens receive educational and vocational training as well as support services at our Community Resource Centers located in every borough in New York City. We are grateful for the aid of individuals like your-self who make the work we do possible.

I would like to give special praise to you for wanting to donate to a worthy cause. It takes someone with a big heart to think of a positive way to give back and I would like for you to know you are beautiful inside and out. Thank you again for choosing to donate to a worthy cause.

Suzette D.

Prior to visiting Dr. Ward I originally suffered from sciatica. My friend recommended I see Dr. Ward and after a series of adjustments over a few months I am now 100% sciatica free, and have been for almost 2 years. I stopped treatment and now I'm back because of moderate to severe neck pain. I had a great deal of trouble sleeping, and would awaken several times during the night.

I had very limited neck mobility as well. I knew that I should see Dr. Ward again for a consultation. After the consultation I felt that I had a clear understanding of my problem, and knew I needed to begin Chiropractic if I wanted to get better. The first few treatments were rough because I was still in pain, but after the 5 or eh visit, I began to notice much improved mobility, decreased pain and stiffness, and was sleeping much better. I still have some slight pain and discomfort, but I sleep through the night without waking up in pain, and know I will be 100% pain free soon. Dr. Ward and staff have been extremely helpful, understanding and knowledgeable.

I would highly recommend Dr. Ward and chiropractic to anyone who is suffering from any spine related health issues. Dr. Ward gets to the route of the problem when surgery is unnecessary and pain killers are only a temporary fix.

Patrick F.

My experience with Dr. Wards chiropractic care has been very positive and rejuvenating. I developed scoliosis when I was twelve years old and have experienced back pain for a major part of my life. I went to many other chiropractors before coming to Dr. Ward's office. At these other places, I was given many options as a "solution" to my problem from surgery to wearing a brace.

Luckily, I didn't do either. There are many risks involved with surgery on your spine. such a vital part of the human body. Also, at the time. I was not able to afford wearing a brace (insurance didn't cover it). I felt a complex because of my scoliosis, but I knew there had to be a better way to help my back feel stronger and healthier. l started coming to Dr. Ward's office over a year ago and I feel 100% better than ever before. The adjustments he does have certainly helped my back feel stronger and I feel rejuvenated and energized.

The experience I've had when coming here is always positive from the moment I walk in. Shawnee is a wonderful. not to mention essential part of this office. She is always willing to listen and talk to you just about anything. I have never encountered such a friendly atmosphere at other chiropractic offices. l cannot forget to mention the workshops that Dr. Ward holds every third Thursday of the month. These workshops not only have benefited me tremendously, but they have reinforced my confidence and belief that receiving Dr. Ward's chiropractic care is the best way to treat my scoliosis. Although, I will probably not have a straight spine again. I know having adjustments for my spine and doing the appropriate exercises will continue to be a vital part of my life and they will help me feel better everyday.

Claudia A.

I knew I had to try something else when I could no longer lift my right leg to get into my pants. I had to lift my leg with my arm In order to do that. I was having lower back problems and was trying acupuncture. It seemed to work for a while but then the pain got worse. Besides not being able to lift my leg, sitting in the subway was very painful. I had to push off the seat in order to get up. Walking up stairs was also painful because I had to lift my right leg. Getting up from the couch was painful after sitting for a while. I could not lie down on the couch to watch TV.

I couldn't even bend down to tie my shoelace. I thought I would try a chiropractor. Years ago I had gone to a chiropractor with good results. At work we have a bulletin board so I posted a note asking If anyone knew of a chiropractor. Someone answered immediately and suggested 44th Street Chiropractic. She had gone there with excellent results and it was close by. During my first visit I found out I had sciatica pain. My visits started with three times a week and eventually twice a week, then once a week and now every two weeks. Another plus of going to 44th Street Chiropractic are the doctors and Shawnee.

It's always a pleasant atmosphere. If you need to change an appointment they are very accommodating. It's not a problem. One less stress factor in our every day lives. I can now do the everyday things one takes for granted. I have no hesitations in recommending 44th Street Chiropractic to anyone.

Julia B.

Before my first visit at Dr. Ward's office I suffered pain in my head/neck/shoulder area from working long hours at the computer and carrying heavy bags, etc. Occasionally I experienced numbness in my arm and headaches and frequently suffered severe sinus problems. A friend of mine who is in treatment with Dr. Ward for some time already recommended me to see him for my conditions. On my first visit Dr. Ward examined my back thoroughly and made a scan and x-rays and made sure all my questions and concerns were addressed. He explained my current imbalances and put me on a reasonable treatment schedule.

Especially after the first couple of visits I could feel the impact of the adjustments on my health and body and I instantly felt better. I am in treatment for two months now and had my re-exam today, which proofed me right. I'm making good progress and am feeling better every day. I am certain that I have made the right decision to actively do something for my health and well-being. The atmosphere in Dr. Ward's office is very pleasant especially due to his lovely assistant Shawnee, who's very helpful and considerate and always has a smile on her face.

She makes people feel good thanks to her positive attitude and good spirits. The adjustments only take a few minutes and there is never a wait, which makes it easy for me to fit in visits into my busy schedule. I can highly recommend Dr. Ward's chiropractic care to everyone, who is looking for quality treatment and actively wants to work towards better health, well-being.

Verena M.

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I've been coming to Dr. Ward's office for about 2 months. Before I started seeing him, I was suffering from lower back pain due to two separate car accidents in 1990 and 1991. The pain was a dull ache that prevented me from sitting, laying down, and standing for a long period of time.

The first time I came to Dr. Wards office, he took X-rays of my spine and then he thoroughly explained the positive effects of chiropractic care. And every time after that, he was always concerned about my well being and he always has a smile or a joke for me! Now here we are, two months later, and I sleep so much better.

The dull ache in my lower back is gone and I feel like I can fly! Every time I come in, I am greeted by the ever so pleasant Shawnee who always has a smile on her face. Regardless of what the day has brought me, I always leave this office with a smile; all because of Shawnee-Thank you! Dr. Ward, thank you so much for helping me feel like my old self again!

Stephanie M.

I came to Dr. Ward in agony. I couldn't sit, I couldn't wash dishes, I couldn't work, I couldn't sleep. I had a large herniated disc at L5/Sl and it was ruining my life. Fortunately after trying several conventional methods like physical therapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, and bed rest (none of which worked), 1 finally asked my brother who is a chiropractor practicing out of state for his best recommendation of a chiropractor in NYC and he without hesitation recommended Dr. Ward. And although I fell in love with Dr. Ward immediately, I initially felt like every time he adjusted me, I was in a bar room brawl.

Yet now, just after 2 short months of care seeing Dr. Ward 3X a week, 1 feel a thousand times better. I can sit. I can wash dishes. I'm back at work. And I can sleep. To me, Dr. Ward is not only the best Chiropractor I've ever been to, he's the most amazing Healer I've ever been to. And believe me, I've been to a lot. More than the average New Yorker, to say the least. And Shawnee is the most amazing breath of fresh air that's come into my life in a long time.

I remember the first time I heard the way she answers the phone, I thought, "What's she so happy about?" Now I get it. She is happy. Like Dr. Ward says, she must've tried misery and it didn't work I have a secret wish, call it a prayer, that everyone in NYC would be adjusted regularly by someone as amazing as Dr. Ward. I think we'd all be a lot less angry, a lot less frustrated, and a lot less disconnected to the joy that's inside all of us. It'd be pretty cool.

Susan L.


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  • "Dr. John Ward has MAGIC hands...within only two weeks I've gone from pain that sent me to the emergency room via ambulance to nearly normal and pain-free!"
    Keith P. New York, NY

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